Why would I choose to try Online Counseling or Teletherapy?

Online therapy provides the same services as you would receive in person, but it adds the flexibility that allows busy professionals, parents, students and those struggling due to medical conditions or lack of transportation to receive the support that they need.

What services can I expect?

After your free consultation, we will have an initial visit, develop an individualized treatment plan and work towards meeting your specific goals.

How long is a session?

Your initial assessment will be 75 minutes. Individual sessions are 60 minutes and family/couples sessions are 75 minutes.

Is my session confidential and secure?

Absolutely! We will communicate through a private and secure HIPPA compliant videoconference tool that is user-friendly and confidential.

What do I need?

You will need to have a private space with good internet, and your preferred electronic device (tablet, personal computer, smartphone or laptop).

*I offer a 20-minute free consultation


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